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Golden Horde. Mongol-Tatars. Batu Khan

  My ancestor was with Khabarov (1603 – 1671) in the Far East. In our family remained his descriptions of the conditions and the national composition of the territories. On the territory of modern Vladivostok lived Russians and Koreans. Russians never conquered Siberia. There all always lived in the same composition as now. No Chinese lived there. The Chinese ventured across the Amur river for robbery and murder of the Kalmyks who lived there. To prevent the Chinese not to go, Khabarov put the border on the Amur.

 About Mongolia: the distance from Mongolia to Kharkov city is about 4-7 years on horseback with the wagon train. Roads were good for travel only four months of the year. In between one had to stand and wait. The movement of large forces was not possible –there was nothing to eat for a large army and local militia if willing could easily kill everyone. The Mongols never did any invasions from Mongolia! Moreover, taking into account transport routes, the word "RAID" is nonsense.

 KHAN BATU is the commander of the Russian troops, where both Muslims and Orthodox Christians served. Khan Batu is a position, not a person's name! For Muslims he is the KHAN, and for the Russians - DAD = BAT’KA =KHAN BATU. 

 The Horde was the Russian army. 10% tax on the Horde was the tax for the maintenance of the army. "To get the label for reigning the Horde" means to have served in the army and come back into the territory as Governor-General. His task was to collect the tax for the army and to organize the defense in cooperation with the army. The task of the Governor-General during the attack of the enemies forces, with local militia was to hold out for a month until the main forces of the army arrived. The decision to fight, defend and counterattack was always taken by officers on the ground without anybody’s  agreement. On the very same principle Russia helped Central Asia. That’s why descriptions that the "400 Russian soldiers captured Bukhara, etc." are left. This is not a takeover, but the arrival of the main forces to help the defense and disperse the enemy; for help the local population sent a messenger!

 The Mongol Empire was an organized state while the  Russian state of that period existed for the common defense. The Mongol Tatar Empire was a state built on the principles of mutual assistance and collective security against an external enemy. The expansion of the Empire occurred not as a result of the seizure of the neighbors, but due to voluntary accession to the system of security and collective defense.  The word Mongolian does not mean the Mongols, but derives from the words "great" and "much" and "numerous". The map shows the approximate border of the Empire while the Western part should be behind Magdeburg, but not as it is drawn on the map.

There has never been any "Jewish Khazaria" on the continent! It is a Jewish fiction to justify war against Russia by the Anglo-Saxons and Jews. The goal is the seizure of territories of fictional Jewish Khazaria. Jewish Khazaria was invented in the 20th century. The publications were written much earlier, counterfeited by later dates.

 Is that not clear to historians?

Reference: When in Potsdam in 1945,  the issue on the boundary of the division of Germany was debated by the allies, Stalin and Churchill came to an agreement on the boundary of the USSR zone of responsibility behind Magdeburg - "The Golden Horde" of Russia came to its old border, which the West pushed under Ivan the Awesome known in the West as the Terrible.

The border behind Magdeburg was no surprise for anyone since, for example, the "Magdeburg law" was in Kiev, including the 19th century and the Slavs still ruled on the same "German" territories.

The continuation of the story

Translated by Ben Vladyko

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