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History of guns, history of pistols

Article in Russia 2008 yrs: History of guns, history of pistols, Ferguson, TTIP, Ukraine, OSCE, Police, Polizei, FBI, NATO
rus text http://www.cneat.ru/bullet-3.html

  History of pistols began a long time ago. The most important feature of the gun is its ergonomics. Therefore, analyzing the development of the gun in terms of its ergonomics, it’s possible to most accurately show its history and trends.   The main influence on the formation of the concepts of guns affected the conditions of the use of weapons. This, in turn, formed the American and European (Russian) schools of shooting.

P08, Parabellum-1900    Russian shooting school was formed against the background of constant warfare, where the gun was not a primary weapon. During protracted military conflicts an officer was armed for weeks, months and years. To keep heavy weapons in such circumstances was completely unreasonable. In Russia and Europe as a whole, in the last century, duels were widespread. All this together formed the Russian school of shooting: shooting with one hand at an armed enemy, who is always ready to shootback. A U-turn of the shooter’s body reduces the area of ​​the injury from oncoming bullets. In the period from 1860 to 1898 formed a military culture based on the concept of attacking the enemy on the principles of reasonable sufficiency (see. Convention 1907).

PM, Makarov -1951    The Russian shooting school (dueling) is shooting with one hand with a turn of the body. Conceptually, this is reflected in technical assignments and further on in the Nagan system (7.62 mm)  revolver and  TT (7.62 mm), PM (9 mm) pistols. If the shooter was taught at the beginning to hold the weapon in a certain way and not otherwise, then in a combat situation he unwittingly will take the usual position. It's like handwriting, impossible to change.

    The American shooting school (Russian version). To briefly describe the American shooting school, the primary use of handguns (revolvers) in America was to protect the settlers from the Indians and slaves (blacks on the plantations). Shooting at virtually unarmed enemy, or when he is armed with a garden tool and is not able to fire with the same weapons in response. This shooting is at very close range with maximum stopping power of bullets (large caliber), "so that falling rakes would not touch the planter ..." (popular version).

  The absence of a large-scale military conflict on the territory of North American continent has not created conditions for the formation of the military culture of the use of weapons (a reasonable limit). Under these conditions, formed the American school of shooting - with two hands with large calibers at short distances. It was precisely for this shooting school that weapons are made . in television reports, you can watch the soldiers fire from a Colt at height targets from a distance of 5-7 meters.

    Colt 45 caliber 1911  sample - M1911(A1) became the US cult gun. Possession of this gun has a hidden subtext, which is understood only in the US and is not accepted to openly say: "the Whites want to own a Colt 45, to remind the blacks of their place in society, and the blacks want to have a 45th Colt to catch up with whites" (popular opinion of experts). From the point of view of the army, the gun is cumbersome and heavy, has low accuracy. To wear it constantly, it is necessary to think of ideological justification. I’ll remind that racism is forbidden and began to be pursued in the United States only after the 60-ies of the last century – it’s all very fresh. To openly write on such topics in the United States is not accepted.

FAQ (see http://ru.wikipedia.org/.): The M1911 Colt (A1) is a semiautomatic pistol of caliber 0.45ACP. It was designed by John Moses Browning in 1898. The gun was in the US Armed Forces arsenal for eighty years, from 1911 to 1990. M1911 was widely used during World War II. In turn, the model A1 has spread in the Second World War, the Korean and Vietnam wars. Colt was back in demand during "Operation Desert Storm" (Author's Note: For shooting at Iraq cavalry?).
1911, Colt M1911
    American shooting school (option number 2). American patriots disagree with the negative assessment of US military history from the Russian specialists. They argue that the "shooting with two hands in America began after 1950" - after America dropped atomic bombs on Japan, and provided justification for the bombing. As the proof of this statement the instruction of 1940 to the gun Colt M1911 (A1) (see. Http://www.sightm1911.com/manual/manual.htm) is provided.

    Given such evidence, it is possible to further consider this quote: "In 1908 a military commission, basing their considerations for caliber .45, indicated that it best meets the requirements of the army and stops a galloping horse". That is, the gun was originally designed for cavalry weapons and firing at the cavalry. For the shooter the horse and rider were the target. This is a rather large target and low accuracy met the needs of the army. This explanation is quite logical.

   All European countries have been inspired by the Declaration of 1899 and the Convention of 1907, the experts discussed the peace initiative of Nicholas II, pistols and cartridges of 7.62 mm, 9 mm with a muzzle energy of close to 300 J were taken into service. At the same time, American experts in 1906 have tested a new pistol cartridge .45 meant for cattle ... (see. http://www.sightm1911.com).

    Based on the above, it is possible to agree with the American patriots, and conclude that the American shooting school was formed not under the influence of the conditions of the use of weapons, but only in order to adapt the shooter to the hand gun intended for shooting horses.

    When creating technical specifications for the manufacture of guns it must be determined on what market they were going to sell the weapons and for what school of shooting it is done. Hollywood creates a positive attitude in the Russian population to the American school of shooting – it looks good in the movies. It began to be considered a good tone to shoot with two hands in the security agencies as well. It proves the lack of knowledge among teachers and training in shooters themselves, previously they had been taught for a long time and seriously.

    Today, Colt 45 caliber is literally imposed on countries joining NATO.  Students are trained with the American shooting school, weapons market is readying to get captured. Heads of state do not understand the "history" of pistol Colt and "the concept of choice": shooting at unarmed, violations of the Convention and a big threat for the shooter to get a bullet in return. The shooter is turned with his whole body to the enemy, and the time to open fire is  increased – until the shooter with his both hands does not take up a gun, he does not feel confident. There is a delay that is deadly at close range.

Note: Special forces Soldiers are trained to shoot from all positions. This is done for a long time. Written above is  the critical primarily for the mass consumer. You may not agree with the opinion of the author and shoot with two hands, it's your problem. If in the United States you do not need experts, we can substitute them.

 The criminal American shooting school has a significant negative impact on education, moral character of each soldier (user) - "the enemy must not only be killed, it is better to tear him apart." The pistol is a personal weapon of all power structures, and therefore the hateful propaganda gradually permeates the whole of society.

    America in the 20th century caused a stir not only with the pistol 45 caliber, they also produce explosive (expansive) bullets for pistols. Expansive bullets literally fit all calibers of small arms (see. Http://www.cneat.ru/foto/cartridge-NATO.pdf). The United States is a threat all over the world, they are always the first to develop new weapons, undermine parity in conventional weapons, do not comply with international agreements. Nuclear weapons must always be directed to that dangerous country - the "evil empire", that’s what the General Staff of the Russian Defense Ministry is doing.


    The undersigned, authorized by the Powers that participated in the International Peace Conference at The Hague, having received proper authority of their Governments for this, inspired by the sentiments which found expression in the St. Petersburg Declaration of 29 November 1868, Declare: The Contracting Parties agree to abstain from the use of bullets which expand or flatten easily in the human body, such as bullets with a hard envelope which does not entirely cover the core, or is pierced with incisions.

   Today USA plans to pompously celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Colt M1911 (A1). These events will surpass the celebration of the 60th anniversary of AK in Russia. We have to congratulate the American experts on small arms. US citizens successfully kill each other with explosive bullets, which does not exist in many countries. This has the merit of their favorite gun against the horse.

    It is necessary for experts of all countries to gather at a conference to discuss the standard cartridge for military small arms. The following parameters are suggested for slaughter action bullets cartridge for military use for rifles, carbines and pistols: kinetic energy distribution up to 300 joules for the average  wound channel length of 14 cm.  European experts suggest no more than 25 joules per 1 cm of the wound channel – which in principle is the same.

    It was proposed to be done a hundred years ago with the signing of the Declaration of 1899. It is necessary  for all the specialists and experts to meet and discuss this parameter, take it as a basis for the design of small arms and ammunition.

   The photo shows American explosive bullets, which are banned for use in the war, but Americans ignore that - within the United States they are actively used. Upon detection of such bullets in the war, it is OK not take prisoners! On the  photo is pistol cartridge caliber 22.

Expert for technical and ballistic examination,

Establishment CNEAT, Samara, Russia

by Anton Kolmykov


© 2008 www.cneat.ru. 
22 caliber explosive bullets US

A.Kolmykov. Revising Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal / International Journal of Russian Studies, Wilmington, DE 19803 U.S.A., ISSN: 2158-7051, ISSUE NO. 5 (2012/2 ) URL: http://russ-history.blogspot.ru/2015/04/ww2-ww3-revising-nuremberg-war-crimes.html

Mathematical model of the bullet movement in the obstacle  html://www.cneat.ru/bullet-2-en.html

The history of small arms in the 20 st Century
Translated by Ben Vladyko

PAYPAL – vladyko@mail.ru

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The Holocaust Is Cancelled! The Feat of the Police In Mariupol. Victory Day

Article in Russian. Keywords: 2014,, Chabad, destruction of the population, Jewish fascism, Jewish terrorism, Jews, Kolomoyskyi ,, May 9, Odessa, population decline, private group, Privatbank group, Schneerson, Third World War, Second World War, the Victory Day, Mariupol, Ukraine, Holocaust.
rus text http://russ-history.blogspot.ru/2014/05/ukraine-mariupol-feat-police-may-9-2014.html


The Holocaust Is Cancelled! The Feat of the Police In Mariupol. Victory Day.

   On May 9, 2014 effectively ended counter-terrorist operation in the Ukraine and the war began. Jewish Nazis captured Kiev, came out of the framework of law and with an attack on the Mariupol city department of the Interior Ministry they started an open war against the Russians.

   By default, the police are usually unarmed. Only part of the operational staff of the criminal investigation have guns, one person on duty at the entrance with an automatic weapon and an officer on duty with an assistant are armed with pistols. All the weapons are stored in the armory and in case of an unexpected major attack they have nothing to defend themselves with.

  In Mariupol an agreement was reached with the local police - political supporters of federalization of Ukraine are not armed, and the police do not disperse them. It was a verbal agreement after the tragedy with the part of the Internal Troops (VV), and this agreement was carried out until the last days.

  The personnel of Mariupol police were gathered at the meeting, the head of the Internal Affairs V.Andruschuk set the task to maintain order during the celebrations of the anniversary of Victory Day in World War II. Shortly after the conversation with Lyashko, who himself is subject to Kolomoisky (Chabad), Head of Department of Internal Affairs personnel V.Andruschuk said that the situation has changed and there is a new problem. At the order of Kiev the personnel has been informed about an alleged information that at the rally there would be a lot of provocateurs and that measures should be taken to the detention of the participants. In case of any resistance it was ordered to shoot without warning.

   Andruschuk thus ordered the personnel to use force against civilians. Police officers notified their chief of Mariupol police they refuse to carry out his criminal order and would fulfill their oath - to protect the people. In response to that Andruschuk pulled out his gun and shot the company commander of the patrol and inspection service of militia, shot one of his subordinates, seriously wounding him. The staff tried to grab the head of Internal Affairs, but he barricaded himself in one of the offices in the building of the Internal Affairs and called on the National Guard for help. 

   It is obvious that the Jewish fascists in Kiev had expected such a response from the Interior Ministry and were prepared – they  arrived very quickly and began to attack the city department of the Interior Ministry.

   Interior Ministry employees were declared traitors and have been targeted for the National Guard under "Right sector". Police officers have been blocked in the building of the city police department and were shot not only with small arms but also with grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and armored personnel carriers - from automatic guns of 30 mm caliber. By the time of the assault on the city streets there were a lot of civilians who took part in the procession and the celebration of the Victory Day. Soldiers of the "Right Sector" shoot to kill civilian, not allowing anyone to approach the police department building.

   The building was not only fired at from armored vehicles and a grenade launcher, but was set on fire. At that time in the building were employees of the Interior Ministry, among the law enforcement officers there were women. The building caught on  fire from the first through the third floors. Inside pthere remained some defenders, police officers. The people tore off the lattice on the first floor and opened the way to salvation. On the third floor people were rescued from the fire by using a fire escape. The townspeople blocked the exit from the department and would not allow to take away the three captured defenders. The militants, at the request of the city residents to avoid collision with the mass of unarmed people, were forced to release the hostages. Firefighters, which for a long time were not allowed to approach the building by the National Guard (under the Right Sector), extinguished the fire. There is evidence that the fire engine was "allowed" to approach the building within a few hours, same as in Odessa.

    Andruschuk during the assault tried to escape. Local residents caught and beat him up. By National Guard under Right Sector Androshchuk was taken to the hospital. The photo shows Lyashko, who visits Androshchuk in the hospital.

  The Head of Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in Mariupol S.Sklyarov also spoke about the causes of the events in the city: "This morning, the Kiev authorities have collected all the city's security forces, and declared that we all should go to their side. The policemen (except the chief of the city security forces UVD V.Androschuk)replied to them.. they were together with the people. Then to the building of the city police department drove up armored personnel carriers BTR and BMP and shot at the building. A fire started.  Whoever from the police had time he jumped out  of the building - how many people are now in the building -..we do not know. "

   With regard to the losses among the personnel of the police department, it is certain that killed was the chief of the State Automobile Inspectorate (GAI) Viktor Sayenko as well as an employee of Battalion patrol Mikhail Ermolenko. The rest of the lists of the killed have not yet been published. The photo shows a police officer who was killed.

    The survivor in the fire  policeman: "There is a pile of corpses in the building, it wasfrightening, I had to jump from the third floor, there was no other way. There were two chances, either burn down in fire, or take the risk; unfortunately the majority will be never seen, thank you for your support.".

  The exact number of victims is not known even today. Jewish Nazis, having captured Kiev, conceal the information. The photograph shows a dead gunman, apparently of eastern appearance.

   The talk between Kolomoisky and Tsarev. Is that not the  Jew above whom Kolomoisky has in mind?  https://youtu.be/oREgeECKhU4

   From publications in the forums it is reported that in Mariupol in the police department were shot and burned 52 policemen for the fact that they did not want to shoot in their relatives, in their own people. The kingdom of heaven to you. You are our heroes.
Publications about this crime, videos, and photographs:

      Analyzing the causes of this tragedy, the date of the Victory Day in World War II draws attention to itself. 

   In the US international scientific journal is published an article "Review of the Nuremberg Trials," where it is suggested to continue the Nuremberg trials on the basis of newly discovered circumstances. The main reviewer of the magazine calls himself a professor at Stanford, and US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul  http://russ-history.blogspot.ru/2015/04/ww2-ww3-revising-nuremberg-war-crimes.html

     In the appendix to the article it is  pointed out about the involvement of American Rabbis in organizing  the Second World War, see rus http://russ-history.blogspot.ru/2013/03/revision-der-nurnberger-prozesse.html

     Mr. Lyashko who commanded all those shootings of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is under control  of  the Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky, nicknamed Benya, known as an activist of the radical American Jewish sect, Chabad, whose headquarters are located not only in Brooklyn, New York, but in Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine. There is also the headquarters of the Right Sector and their leader Yarosh - a Jew, a citizen of Israel. Thus, it is necessary to clearly articulate that it were the extremist militants of the American Jewish Chabad sect attacked the city police department and killed police officers.

    American extremist Jewish sect Chabad is known for its declarations that it is necessary to destroy the Russians and capture a fictional Jewish Khazaria in Ukraine and Russia, to revive a new Jewish state. The unleashing of hostilities in the South-East of Ukraine is precisely their plan, which is known since 1994  http://russ-history.blogspot.ru/2015/08/ukraine-american-jewish-fascists.html

   Thus, Kolomoisky does not act on his own initiative, and the government in Kiev and all of the Ukraine is coordinated by the Jewish rabbis in the United States, who in turn, also are responsible for the Second World War.

   Russian President Putin not once opposed the attempt to rehabilitate Nazi fascism, but it is precisely what is currently being pushed in Kiev. The initiators of the rehabilitation is also the Jewish sect, Chabad. See photos from the museum of Jewish history in the synagogue Chabad in Dnepropetrovsk, when Saakashvili was there recently. The pictures show the exposition at the Museum about the Jews in the UPA army – Ukrainian Uprising Army under Hitler. In connection with this it is necessary to immediately request to declassify the case -secret to this day - of the tragedy at Khatyn and other crimes in the occupied territories of the USSR during the Second World War. The Holocaust is a lie. The exposition of the Chabad sect at the museum in the synagogue in Dnepropetrovsk is the proof.

  Saakashvili looks at an exposition in the Chabad Jewish Museum. Written: "The Jews in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, UPA (in Hitler's Army)".

Saakashvili has s "template gap" about the Holocaust. He will chew his tie again. For us, in this case the picture becomes clear, which has been published by Western colleagues on the subject of genocide in Russia, about the goals of the last genocide and the apparent continuing one today.


 Thus, the population of the Soviet Union (Russia) has previously been subjected to the Jewish genocide and now they are obviously trying to continue the old theme. Again, Georgians, Jews again. Everything is old and well known in Russia! It is necessary to close the topic and start the International Criminal Court - to continue the Nuremberg trials on the basis newly discovered circumstances.

Information confirmed. Is Chabad the US and the IDF of Israel http://russ-history.blogspot.ru/2018/02/blog-post_7.html

The New World Order? They haven’t served their time for the old one yet!

The battle for the Khazars. The Crimea. The history of the 20th century http://russ-history.blogspot.ru/2016/05/the-battle-for-khazars-crimea-history.html

WW2, WW3. Khazars. The war in the Ukraine (2014-2015) http://russ-history.blogspot.ru/2016/02/ww2-ww3-khazars-war-in-ukraine-2014-2015.html

2014. Ukraine. Ordinary Jewish Fascism http://russ-history.blogspot.ru/2016/03/2014-ukraine-ordinary-jewish-fascism.html

The photos for the memory: 16/05/2014,  Chabad Kolomoisky gunmen seizing weapons of Velikonovoselkovsky Donetsk region police department.


Раввин рассказывает о жидобендерах...

Памяти погибших героев в Мариуполе!

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The battle for the Khazars. The Crimea. The history of the 20th century

Article in Russian. Keywords: Khazaria, Khazars, History, Crimea, Jewish, Israel, Chabad,  Ukraine, Russia, USSR, History of Israel.
Rus text:

   The Crimea and a large part of Ukraine has always been the land of Russia. The division was done by the enemies of Russia, who created the necessary background information and carved up the USSR (Russia) apart. Separation of Ukraine and Belarus is the same as the Divided Germany - FRG and the GDR.  
  People are against this division. In 1991, a referendum was held in the USSR and the entire population voted in favor of life in a single country. Breaking the decision of the people and the referendum, the Soviet Union was divided by the enemies of Russia and its peoples. As is now known, it was the United States and England, their henchmen who carried out this task. Annexation of the Crimea to Russia is just as a happy event as the reunification of Germany. 

   The history of the peninsula of Crimea still has a bloody page someone’s trying to hold back and Jewish media would not tell you about it. In fact, the story is not over, and the war goes on continuously. That’s that’s why everyone should know the past and the perspectives of the Jewish claims to Russia. Everyone should know the positions of the parties.

 A few years ago on the Russian television channel TVC in the program "The Moment of Truth" Mikhail Poltoranin, who was the first vice-premier of the Russian government and the State Commission for the declassification of KGB archives, he explained why Khrushchev whose true name is Perlmutter Nikita Solomonovich, transferred Crimea to Ukraine.

Presenting to your attention the sensational facts, released by M.Poltoranin:

  "Khrushchev had inherited the Crimean problem. Even Michael Lurie (known as Yury Larin, leader of the revolutionary movement -. Ed.)  declared the idea to establish a Jewish republic in the Crimea, when there was no Birobidzhan or Israel. This idea was tossed to him by ​​Rosenberg of "Joint" (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee).

  In 1922, in Simferopol they formed "Agro-Joint" and began to resettle Jews in Crimea. They began to create there Jewish collective farms. 186 collective farms were created. They were Jews from Belarus, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. The Jews could come from everywhere. In 1923 "Agro-Joint" in Moscow organized an exhibition of agricultural equipment and more. Here's how it would be in the Crimea, if we can help Jews to resettle. Lenin, already sick, went to the exhibition and gave the nod.

  The Soviet Government received from the "Joint" 900 thousand dollars annually by 5 percent over 10 years. To do this, the USSR issued bonds, stocks. Under the provision of the Crimean land was divided into shares. To start the action, 200 people received the Crimean land shares. The then President Hoover got a share, the future president - Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor got a share, Louis Marshall received a share (an American lawyer and public figure, one of the largest US Jewish leaders – during first three twentieth century decades belonged to the Jewish elite of New York, which consisted mainly of families immigrants from Germany - Ed).. Then  many others (politicians, businessmen, bankers) got their shares. Several million hectares, the whole of Crimea, in essence. That is in fact the Soviet government took a loan under promissory notes, which stood for the Crimean territory. And if we are up to 1954  do not pay the loan, the debt, then we give the Americans the land of the Crimea. Stalin annihilated this idea and in 1934 he created Jewish Autonomous Republic with the capital Birobidzhan, because of the unrest in the Crimea. The Crimean Tatars did not let in  the coming trains, and were returning them. They began to smash the Jewish settlements. Stalin said that we could not kindle the flame of national hatred. The bills remained with the Americans. Everything else went on as before, loans were being taken.

  In 1943 Stalin complained to Joseph Broz Tito. Djilas who attended the meeting recorded the conversation. Stalin told Tito that he could not send him a part of the American Lend-Lease (state program under which the United States passed its allies in World War II ammunition, equipment, food and strategic raw materials, including oil products - ed.)., because Americans threatened to freeze it. The Jewish lobby in America is very strong, and they require me to continue the project "Crimean California." We can not (say the Americans) open the second front, as long as you do not take a decision on the Crimea. Then Stalin ordered to prepare the deportation of Crimean Tatars. America's financial oligarchy needed the Crimea.

   And then, in 1945, US Commerce Secretary Harriman - in my hands is a strictly confidential letter - was supposed to arrive in November to see Stalin and resolve the issue of the Crimea (reads):

"Dear Averell!

  President Truman approves your plans. He has added only the following: the existence on the territory of the Crimea of the Black Sea Fleet base and the Soviet Jewish republic is incompatible. The Crimea should become a demilitarized zone. Let  Stalin know, that he must be prepared to relocate the fleet from Sevastopol. "

   Poltoranin continues: "That is, to give away the Crimea  no longer as a Soviet republic. No, the Crimea – as a Jewish independent state. That includes, in addition to the Crimea, Sochi to the border with Abkhazia plus Kherson region, plus Odessa region. That is to create Israel not in Palestine, but in the Crimea.
 Stalin began to argue, saying that there was a Congress in Basel in 1897, and it was decided that the homeless Jews would create their own state in Palestine. Against it were the English. They seized Palestine during the war (British Mandate). And then Stalin gave the order through Bulgaria to supply the Jews in 1946, who were fighting against the Arabs and the British. Tens of thousands of rifles, machine guns, howitzers were delivered.

 Stalin began to rub his hands: we have helped, Israel will be in Palestine, it’s all over. But there were bills to be paid. We have not yet quenched them, the time has not yet come. And when the time was coming  - 1953, then .... the fact that Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine, it was done by Stalin like homework. All the bills were signed by the Government of Russia, the RSFSR. Despite the creation of Israel in Palestine, the idea to get the Crimean California has remained. And when Golda Meir came to the USSR as the Ambassador of Israel,  in two weeks they have organized two meetings. Each consisted of 50 thousand people. Those were people from Moscow, St. Petersburg, some arrived even from Siberia. Earlier, when they wanted to create Israel in the Crimea, they recommended Mikhoels as the head of the state. When Golda talked with Stalin, he suggested Kaganovich. But Golda insisted on Mikhoels.

 When they organized the meeting with the requirement to fulfill the promise to America, to give the Crimea, then the idea to eliminate the fifth column has matured: to send it to "New Earth", away from the border. Already 17 ships with barbed wire and other devices have been sent for the camps. It was an operation called "Ptarmigan", because the Bolsheviks would never have agreed to pay for their debts with the Crimea. The Black Sea - it is already a strategy, "- concludes Poltoranin.

  The whole story from Poltoranin is certainly interesting. "Ptarmigan" could have been invented later for justifications. We work on the basis of facts and we have other information to supplement and correct the historical picture.
17 ships with barbed wire is nonsense! Why is the barbed wire needed on the New Earth? There's nowhere to run away there. Who will be unloading it from the ships? If steamers are being sent, the Jews have to be present on those ships. This fact does not exist. That’s why it is a fiction of the Jews in order to justify their crimes.

 It was only in the beginning that the issue was about the Crimea. Jewish commissioners originally planned only really pick the Crimea for themselves that’s why in the first years of their reign, 1917-22, they violently exterminated the population of the Crimea, and as it is now known, the corpses there were counted  by train cars and not by piece.

  Later, when the occupants realized they could take even more their claims extended even up to Kazan and the cleaning of territories was done by all means - famines, dispossession, Decossackization, deportation, etc. Meanwhile, by some strange means, all those plans were lobbied by Churchill and this territory of the Khazars invented by the Jews was linked by Churchill with the opening of the Second Front.

   As much as it is known about the events at the Tehran Conference in 1943, it was but Churchill who set as a condition for opening of the Second Front the transmission to the Jews of the territory of the invented Khazaria. Literally he said the following (the witnesses were there): "We've already cleared up the area and we just need to modify only a little ...." At that moment, it seems even Stalin himself was not aware of the extent of the activities of the Jewish parts of the NKVD. Stalin himself was supervised by the NKVD until 1949 – a criminalist explains in the State Duma of Russia (Video 5 minutes).

 The video shows the performance of forensic expert in Russian State Duma in 2013. The expert says (The author of this article Kalmykov):

1. Lenin is not Ulyanov. Lenin is a US citizen, a Jew. It is necessary to identify the corpse and transfer it to the US.

 2. You can check the history by biographies. An example:
Norman M. Borodin (1911-1974). He was born in Chicago (USA) in a family of professional revolutionary M.M.Borodin (Gruzenberg). He graduated from the Leningrad Maritime College (1930), in 1930-34  he studied at the Royal Frederick University (now - University of Oslo), German Institute for foreigners at the Sorbonne, in 1934-1935 - at the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University and the Military Chemical Academy of the Red Army, as well as in 1938 he graduated from the Technical University in New York. A member of the Communist Party. In the bodies of State Security- since March 1930 .: Officer of INO OGPU USSR. In 1931-1936 he was in a short-term mission in Austria, Germany, England, Netherlands, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Norway, Germany and France, with a break in the 1934-1935 to study at the Military Chemical Academy of Red Army. Since 1937 – an Assistant illegal resident 7 (ISE) GUGB NKVD department in the United States, in September 1938 recalled to Moscow. In September 1938 - September 1941- the Head of the Foreign Department of the Commissioner for the protection of military secrets to the press and the chief Glavlit in SNK, then back on the job in the apparatus 1 of the Office of the NKVD NKGB-MGB. Since 1947, the correspondent of "The Moscow News" newspaper.
  Arrested on February 25, 1949,  and June 1, 1951was sent to live in Karaganda Kazakh SSR. Since May 1952 - senior literary worker in charge of culture and life department of the newspaper "Socialist Karaganda". In September of 1953 he returned to live in Moscow, was rehabilitated in 1954. From 1954  worked in the editorial office of "Literary Gazette" and the Foreign Commission of the Union of Soviet Writers.
  In 1955, was reinstated in the KGB of the USSR: the Head of department 2 of GU KGB with Council of Ministries of the USSR, since 1961 was in the current reserve of the KGB of the USSR, at the same time in June 1961 - July 1967 was the Head of the Main edition of foreign information and a board member of the press agency "News" (APN), then political commentator at APN. The Colonel (1944). Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR. Order of Red Banner (1958), the Order "Badge of Honor" (1962), "Honorary member of the KGB."

Publication: Tumshis M.A, Zolotarev V.A. Jews in the NKVD. 1936-1938 gg. / Experience of biographical dictionary. Samara: 2012. 616 p. - Page 94..

3. The lawsuit for genocide is necessary to bring to the United States and England.


 As of today, perhaps there are secret agreements on the transfer of Russian territory to the the Jews, which were signed way back in the course of the conference. There are "creditors" for the ground in the Crimea. What should be done?

1. In Israel live not only Russian-speaking "Khazarians", but other normal people. Do they know that "Khazarians" in the United States have such plans with the elimination of Israel and the Holocaust on the way? Are the Shabak managers aware of the state treason within their ranks? Maybe it is time to bury some of the "Khazarians"in the Holy Land?

2. Taking into account the entire history of the 20th century and the war in Chechnya, where there was a war for the same Khazaria, a terrorist attack in Chernobyl to kill the population in these same areas, it is advisable not only to collect money from interested parties (Khazarians) in respect of the genocide damages, but also to catch this whole gang of international terrorism and execute? Invalidate all transactions relating to the Khazarians  and consider them only confirming deliberate genocide of the population in these areas. That is, if those documents are detected, recognize them as material evidence in the criminal case of the genocide of the peoples of the USSR (Russia).

3. It is necessary to continue the Nuremberg trial on the basis of newly discovered circumstances. The article in Russian about the need to revise the Nuremberg trials was published in international peer-reviewed scientific journal of the USA, where the main reviewer is Mr. McFaul -  professor at Stanford University and the US ambassador to Russia, an expert on the history of http://www.cneat.ru/nurnberg.html

  Following further investigations, the courts and executions, we will exterminate all claimants for Khazaria, and the proceeds will be enough to restore what has been destroyed by the actions of Satanists liberals in Russia and other CIS countries.

   Well, who is there to say they claim Khazaria? Come one by one! Show your shares and promissory notes. Stand closer in the firing sector!

by Kolmykov A.N.

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rus-text http://russ-history.blogspot.ru/2014/03/the-battle-for-land-of-khazars-crimea.html

Translated by Ben Vladyko

Continued: WW2, WW3. Khazaria. The war in Ukraine (2014-2015)


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