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George Soros, a Hereditary Jewish Fascist and a Murderer

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  George Soros is a hereditary Jewish fascist and a murderer. Where did the Soros family’s money come from ? They were stolen and looted in Russia. It's taxed money for the shooting of Russians in St. Petersburg in 1917 and later. Soros is a Bolshevik, a Jewish Commissar. Soros’s Daddy passed his experience to his son. They together robbed the Jews during the Second World War – like father, like son.

  Soros is a known liberal and the flag of liberalism. He invested a lot of funds in liberalism against the Russians and Russia. But to enter a respectable society, you must have a reputation and the sources and methods of initial accumulation of capital are important.

  Soros appeared twice on national television in Russia in 2001 (June 3) and in 2003, and during the Kiselyov show he said proudly how his father, a Jew, was an officer in the Hungarian army during the First World War and was captured by the Russians and was exiled to Siberia. After capturing Russia by the United States and England in 1917, Soros went to St. Petersburg and immediately appealed to the new leadership of Russia, offering his assistance to the Bolsheviks.

   Soros was given a job in the revolutionary Tribunal. In what bloody business – the extraordinary commission- the CheKa - the Red Tribunal was engaged we know well: father Soros shot the Russian "counter-revolutionaries", patriots of Russia. How did Soros make his money? They seized Russian children or parents and demanded money and gold from the remaining free members of the family. The children or the parents brought everything! After that, rarely anyone was let go. The usual practice was- the money was taken away and the whole family was shot.…

   St.Petersburg was the capital of Russia. It was a rich city. The Americans, the British and the Jews have looted a lot of money and gold in the city. Almost all the inhabitants of the downtown of St. Petersburg were killed.

The murder of the Russian poet Nikolai Gumilev (not to confuse with Jewish Lev Gumilev – the promoter of fictional Jews of Khazaria)
  In the evening of August 25, 1921 happened like this: Gumilev was called out of the cell to be examined. He was taken into a small room, which  among the security officers was called the room for tying hands. The chief at the table asked for setting data: name, surname, patronymic, year of birth. Then he asked to hand over personal belongings. These things for invoices were received in the Finance Department for accounting by the state. The list included a dress, an overcoat, a microscope, an accordion, ragged. And the worst, the teeth and crowns of white and yellow metal...

  The most valuable things the head put in a drawer and said loudly: "Ready to be transported". This was the conditional sentence. Immediately two thugs ran up to Gumilev and started tying up his hands. They were used to carry out this work quickly and accurately, like  on the conveyor.

  Just in his underwear the poet was transmitted into the room for tying up the legs and he was sat on the floor, where fifty-seven prisoners were sitting for a long time. They  waited for the whole night until  the cars  that would carry them to the place of execution arrived. From time to time into the room burst the CheKa members, hitting anywhere anyone, to keep the prisoners in a semiconscious state. They  brought   them almost insensible to the place of execution. The strongest chekist carried them to the pit, piled them on the edge, head down.

— Lie down comfortably, you'll be shot, ' said the executioner. But if a man, like a worm, tried to crawl away, he was kicked by feet...

    The shooting continued all night. Nikolai Gumilev was murdered on 26 August 1921. Gumilev, in a sense, was lucky. He was really shot...The shooting was called a shooting only according to the documents. A research proved that people were strangled, drowned, beaten with clubs. For example, in Belozersk 55 people were axed... Often they used small-caliber weapons. This was done from a pragmatic point of view- to reduce the emission of blood and not to waste ammunition.

  Those are the Soros family money! Later, during World War II in Hungary daddy Soros with his son robbed the Jews with the German SS . As you know, the backbone of Hitler’s Germany SS had been prepared by the officers of England. About the Soroses during the Second world war http://ant-63.livejournal.com/237568.html

Publication in the New York Times. The Bolsheviks in Kiev.

Soros told about how he and his Dad used to rob the Jews in the Holocaust during the Second World War.   https://youtu.be/V_Ha3r3fnsU

translated by Ben Vladyko


Foto Lenin. Lenin is not Ulyanov.  Lenin - citizen USA, Jew.

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