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Boeing 777 flight MH17 is a hoax!

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Boeing 777 flight MH17 is a hoax!

    The information that the media spreads: the crash of Boeing 777 in the area of Donetsk — a plane crash of Boeing 777, Malaysia Airlines, carrying out a scheduled flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that occurred on July 17, 2014 in the Eastern Donetsk region of Ukraine near the village of Grabovo near the town of Torez, near the border with Luhansk region, in the area of the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine. Onboard  were 283 passengers and 15 crew members, they all died.

   It was the second crash of the Boeing 777-200ER 9M-MR of the same airline within five months (along with the disappearance of the Boeing 777 in March 2014), by the number of victims it has become the largest in aviation history from 11 September 2001 and became one of the ten largest in the history.

  To investigate the catastrophy the Netherland and England were engaged. In the published document of the Commission on security infrastructure and transport of Netherland it was indicated that the flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur of the Boeing was technically sound and no breakdowns were noticed during the flight. According to experts, the liner was subjected to external impact "of a large number of objects with high energy".

  By the appearance of the damage, it can be concluded that the plane disintegrated in the air. .

  All 298 people aboard were killed. The published report does not specify who might have carried out an attack on the plane -  the task of the experts did not include to establish someone's guilt, the Dutch had stated earlier.
The Dutch experts used the information of the "black boxes", the images from space satellites and pictures taken at the crash site.

  Prior to the publication the Ukrainian government and several Western countries spoke of serious evidence that the plane travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down by Pro-Russian separatists with the anti-aircraft missile complex "Buk". Moscow has denied all allegations that it had supplied the separatists with any weapons, including rockets.

  Recently in the BBC program "Panorama" were broadcast the testimonies of several  eyewitnesses, unknown to each other, according to whom the  "Buk" which shot down the plane, was operated by the Russian military.

 For the preparation of their preliminary report the Dutch investigators used the information of "black boxes", the images from space satellites and pictures taken at the site of the event.

  The Commission on security infrastructure and transport of the Netherlands is coordinating international efforts to investigate this tragedy. The search of the physical evidence was difficult because of the fighting in the place of falling of the liner.

In the investigation of the crash of MH17 were involved experts from Britain, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, USA, Ukraine and Russia.

The final version of the report the authors hope to publish within one year.

  Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak welcomed the publication of the preliminary report, stressing that the document confirms: the plane was technically sound, and the crew acted according to the rules.

  The fact that the plane was subject to external impact "of a large number of objects with high energy”, induces, according to the Prime Minister, strong suspicion: the "Boeing" could have been shot down by a missile "earth-air". But to assert that this is certain, further work of investigation and experts is needed.

Najib Razak called for full access to the crash site to pick up all the remains of the dead, to complete the investigation and learn the truth. Razak noted that to Ukraine went a group of Malaysian experts

  As of September 30, there were no results of the flight recorders decoding. There is no official Protocol of survey of the site of the scene. There is no record of negotiations of the crew with the traffic controller of Dnepropetrovsk.

1. All of the events in Ukraine unfolded initially without the participation of Russia and against Russia. On the Maidan in Kiev were active security services of the USA, England and Israel. In fact, a military coup took place, and power in Kiev was seized by American Jews Chabad and the USA with England, where Israel has its interests - the seizure of part of Ukraine and the establishment of a Jewish state on the land of fictional Jews of Khazaria (link).

2. Russia warned Ukraine that Kiev and the security services of Ukraine about the attack of the  Jews in 2012. Nalivaychenko (SBU) was a state traitor and helped the enemies of Ukraine, blocking the protection of Ukraine from enemy attack. Kiev was captured. Russia managed to take Crimea under the protection where the Jews were planning to exterminate - kill all the population (link). 

3. In the South-East of Ukraine American Jews and Israel organized some self-defense forces and the visibility of the armed struggle against Kiev. Applied was the typical pattern that Israel worked out with Hamas in Palestine and which is actively used today in the Middle East for its destruction and genocide of the population (the Islamic state, ISIL, ISIS).

     The leaders and activists of Novorossiya - "Russian spring" like the Arab spring are the American Jews, Israel, England. They came up with the symbols of the new Russia, where they used the flag of Confederate USA – the flag of the Southern United States during the civil war in the United States. The falsification was obvious to all officers of Russia, because the Russians would never have raised the flag of Confederate USA. Russia fought against the confederates of the USA in the North and supported President Lincoln. To come up with a flag of Novorossia could only illiterate Jews in the United States and in England. Russia has created the United States and abolished slavery, the U.S. national anthem is Russian which is known in Russia. Today Russia celebrates the 150th anniversary of the exploits of the Russians in America   (link)


 4. At the time of the "fall of the Boeing”, in June and July all looked with surprise at the events in Ukraine. Everyone expected that Ukraine would cope with the attack of the Jews. No part of the army of Russia participated in the events in Ukraine and did not invade the Ukraine. All this is just a lie of the Jewish media around the world. In Ukraine live 40 million Russians now and for the victory to send two more thousand Russians looks stupid. There without Russia in abundance are the best military cadres of the USSR, they would have managed themselves.
   Further, it became clear that the Jews created the Jewish fascist regime in Ukraine and began the extermination of the population of the South-East of Ukraine. Only at the end of August Russian volunteers went to rescue and protect the population of the South-East of Ukraine, and the Investigative Committee of Russia (RF IC) has opened a criminal case against the leadership of Ukraine, for genocide. Borodai and Girkin (Reconstructor and simulator of war) immediately ran away. The volunteers certainly have no heavy weapons. All were killed by the artillery of Ukraine-Israel

    It was reported that the Jews not only pay for the murder of the population, but Kolomoyski (Chabad, Dnepropetrovsk-USA) very carefully select, buy the wounded and alive for some obscure purposes, something about the plane was also reported (link).  

5. After the announcement of the fall of the Boeing, the Internet has reported that the dead bodies were without blood, they were old, smelling of formaldehyde and rotten. The first video and comments were published by the local forensic experts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Reported:
- the corpses were old, rotten, with formaldehyde, a strong smell of decomposition;
- the corpses were mostly Asian;
- among the baggage was a lot of warm clothes;
- cameras and data carriers contained files dated 2013;
- killed were many birds from Asia - crashed was a cargo of exotic birds from tropical countries, probably smuggled in one of the boxes in the luggage.

6. A day after the fall of the Boeing, a video was carried out of the crash site, where you can see obviously the presence of the military part of (State Service on Emergency Situations of Ukraine). Despite reports of combat in the area that the area was under control of some militants, the video shows that the "rescuers" have deployed large tents, lots of equipment and people. To collect vehicles and people in principle in one day is not possible and the deployment of field camps needs more time than a day. In the midst of fighting, it is generally not possible. That is an obvious hoax.

   You can watch this video and learn the following:
- corpses torn and have cadaveric stains which is impossible, because the blood came out through the gaps and cadaveric spots are not formed;
-  missing luggage labels of the departure airport, the baggage is not registered;
- heavy and light objects are together, and not separately from each other, so technically it's not possible when falling from a height;
- wreckage of the plane is clearly not enough and to collect a plane from them is not possible as it all  burned not too long;
- the wreckage of the fuselage does not have the casing, wires and pipes of the hydraulic system;
- the edges of the wreckage of the plane body literally are cut into pieces together with longerons ;
- heavy items are not plunged into the soil;
- large fragments that can be lifted only by a crane are located at the edge of the coverage of the carriageway, on the roadside;
- fragments, which can be lifted by hand, are located farther from the road;
on heavy large pieces of details are clearly visible marks from loading and unloading which are traces of textile slings (soft rigging);
- deployed large tents of "rescuers";
- one can see the numbers of cars of special services, of one military unit of rescuers.

Photos from the scene:

A wing than is chewed out to make it easier to raise by hands?

No plating, no wires, no hydraulics, hull and spars cut off in line.

Passports of passengers by themselves turned from covers, gathered and some with holes already invalid.

Engine parts compared  with a person.

Published photo in the media with traces of montage allegedly holes from shrapnel.

Once again the engine of the plane and people.

The scene photos from space. All of the debris along the road.

Burning near the road on the branch from the main road.

White spots of debris along country roads, where you can drive the car.

  In a wheat field are traces from carrying the cargo from the road to the place where large debris and unloading took place.

It is not clear what happened to the other parts of the plane, which are clearly missing. Where is the second wing of the aircraft, etc.?

The witnesses describe how they saw it:
in the sky were two aircrafts - one large and one small, about which it was decided that it was a military fighter;
- the plane broke up in the air, from the plane the debris and its parts showered down, people were falling;
paper napkins fell to the ground, and the plane still was  flying;
- corpses pierced the roofs of houses and fell right into a dwelling house, they stank immediately;
- leaflets of American airlines were found ;

The discovery of the black boxes:
- TV showed video of a rebel walking in the field  holding  'box recorders” in his  hands  as if he had found them there, separated from the main body of the plane and other details.

Thus the plane was flying over Ukraine, fell apart in the air and fell to the side of the road... That is, it is an accident – an
car accident, road accident, and such experts in Russia exist...

   While analyzing the situation of the scene and comparing it with the testimony of witnesses, as well as simulating the traces and the mechanism of their formation, we can come to the conclusion that  this air catastrophy was staged. No air crash had happened!

  The following circumstances are obvious: the wreckage of the aircraft parts with grading  Malaysian airlines were brought on trucks and unloaded off the road with a crane. Lighter units were carried manually to the side of the road. A truck drove on a country road, linking with the main highway, and unloaded not only fragments, but most of the "passengers baggage". Some of the bodies were laid out in advance. The space with fuel for burning and dramatizations of burning after the crash was provided. The direct perpetrator of all this rigging is the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the tents, the equipment and its people are recorded on video of the scene.

  At the appointed time a transport aircraft simulated the flight of “MH17. At the approach to the scene of the “crash," it descended to the altitude of 10 000 meters and slowed down. At this altitude it was met by the military aircraft, which  escorted the transport aircraft to the discharge point. At the command of the attacker, the corpses and pieces of luggage, small fragments were thrown down. 

  Probably the throw down was carried out in two passes, because witnesses reported that the paper was falling earlier than other heavy objects and the plane itself. Nobody saw. Nobody saw the very moment of the impact of the aircraft with the ground. It never happened. At the appointed time "the rescuers" had carried out the arson. After the throw down and lowering the transport aircraft turned off its identification system. The air controller in Dnepropetrovsk had accompanied the meeting of transport plane with the military aircraft (pilot).

The photo shows the fire burning at  the bottom while some items keep falling down.

      It was reported about the insurance of the  Boeing in case of military actions in the amount of 97 million dollars, whereas the airline of Malaysia itself was in the state of bankruptcy. 
  Forensic Expert Institution of Russia, the establishment C_NEAT (city of Samara), which delivers expert support of insurance companies in Russia, immediately notified the police of Malaysia, the Prime Minister of Malaysia and the insurer in Australia that the insurance case was falsified.

The expert of Russia for Malaysia police

Flight MH17 falsified! The crash was not. Criminologist Russia
От кого: ЦНЭАТ ⚁
Кому: rmp@rmp.gov.my
July 25, 12:02

Flight MH17 falsified! The crash was not. Criminologist Russia


Anton Kolmykov
Expert Institution Deputy Director of the Independent Expertise of Samara, Russian Federation.


Public notice of the Prime Minister of Malaysia via Twitter:

      The police in Malaysia and insurers were invited to come and participate in the design of insurance fraud.

Results: the Insurer refused to pay Malaysia Airlines insurance indemnity.

  The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that it was not a result of the military actions, but they themselves knocked down the Boeing by mistake during military exercises of the Air Defense Forces of Ukraine near Donetsk. Thus, it was a non-insurance case and all damage must be compensated by Ukraine. The insurers don't need to investigate. 

  After that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has rejected that version and they shot the scene using the artillery to overlay the trace of counterfeit holes, overlapping fragments of artillery so that all would be confused. Repeatedly the whole plane crash was stacked on Russia according to the original plan of the conspirators.
  Under the pretext that at the crash site of the Boeing there were fights, the experts did not examine the scene and debris. Also persistently it is reported that local people had already gathered the wreckage to the scrap yard and there was nothing to be seen.

The Malaysian experts never arrived.

  Despite the fact that the corpses were mostly Asian, very few  of them were sent to Malaysia, besides, not a single crew member was ever found! The bulk of the corpses were sent to Holland, although it is obvious that it is necessary to identify the corpses missing in Ukraine itself, where Kolomoyski and Chabad took a long time to collect the living ones and among the wounded were taken those whom they needed. i.e., that is the corpses of the inhabitants of Ukraine, Russian corpses! (link)

  England has volunteered  to deal with black boxes, which, most likely, is the organizer of all this fraud, because Malaysia is a colony of England. It is obvious that the proponent of sanctions is London. It’s a war not only against Russia but against Europe. England for 500 years was waging war against Europe and Russia, and in Russia it is known even to schoolchildren and criminals: "the English girl shits again”  -
Murder Berezovsky (link2 link3 link4).

  Sanctions will hurt Russia, but the main goal is to do as much damage to Europe due to the destruction of mutually beneficial relations with Russia. The main goal is the destruction of the economy of Russia and Europe for the purposes of genocide of the white race of the continent. A crazy Jewish fascist - ADL head Abraham Foxman spoke earlier about  the next Jewish goal - the extermination of the white race, which in the world is only 8% from the rest of the population  (link).

   Earlier Jewish fascists and Britain have already blown up Chernobyl for the purposes of genocide of the South-East of Ukraine, and the radiation has covered all of Europe. The Chernobyl accident is a terrorist attack and the same crew today has captured Kiev and Ukraine (link).

   The Institution "Center of Independent Expertise in Road Transport”, C_NEAT (Russia, Samara), specializing in the implementation of technical and forensic examinations for the court and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as accompanying the work of insurers is ready to perform a comprehensive forensic and technical expertise in connection with the fact of the  shot down Boeing MH17flight. 
The author of the article:
C_NEAT institution,Russia,the city of Samara

Text: In all unclear situations bomb London, Switzerland and Israel!

News, November 2014: How they unloaded the debris, they loaded it back. With the same crane and the same trailer. The same soft rigging. " Props are  returned back to Hollywood."

Israel - MH17 - alignment of the gang http://ant-63.livejournal.com/102899.html

Official account of Joint International Criminal Investigation Team MH17

Юристам от автора статьи: Кажущаяся неосведомленность журналистов и политиков должна квалифицироваться юристами как соучастие в международном терроризме!

Translated by Ben Vladyko

PAYPAL – vladyko@mail.ru

Новости 2017 года:

  Анализируя все сообщения СМИ за три года, можно сделать вывод о том, что постановку с Боингом придумал и реализовал генерал армии США Ки Рэнди Ален. У него были необходимые для этого специальные познания. Позже генерал был убит или ранен при нападении на военную колонну.

  Сообщается, что 28 июля 2014 года бойцами ополчения Донбасса в районе ИЗЮМА Донецкой области была атакована колонна инструкторов США, убиты 3 офицера инструктора и ранен генерал Ки Рэнди Ален, который позже скончался. Он командовал карательной операцией на Донбассе и он же руководил операцией "Боинг". Его подготовка соответствует обстоятельствам фальсификации.

  Генерал Ки Рэнди Ален (Кее Randy Alan) прошел подготовку в учебном корпусе офицеров запаса при Университете Орегона, служил штурманом стратегического бомбардировщика Б-52, пилотом военно-транспортного самолета. Он участвовал в операциях Пентагона в Юго-Западной Азии, на Балканах и в Афганистане. Впоследствии работал в системе Минобороны США, в штаб-квартире ВВС США. Он был замкомандующего оперативного Центра. Т.е., как и положено штабу. получив задание он спланировал эту боевую операцию и сам же был направлен для её проведения. По окончанию, вероятно, был убит заказчиком, а обвинили неких русских повстанцев Донбасса Украины.

Источник: http://www.cneat.ru/mh-17-en.html


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    "Under the hot sun, we've seen horrific things," he told CBC's Susan Ormiston in an emotional interview Monday. "Things that we'll never talk about to anyone else."

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