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International Congress: Chernobyl Is a Terrorist Act!

BY ANTON KOLMYKOV http://www.cneat.ru/elpit2015.html

A Review for the media about the congress in Russia, st. Samara.

 The cities of Tolyatti and Samara hosted the International Ecological Congress ELPIT2015. The congress was held on the basis of the Samara State Technical University (Polytech) and Tolyatti State University. The Congress presented various reports. All reports were on a good, professional and scientific level. We will present the review of the Congress from the point of view of what might be interesting to the public.

  It was the Fifth International Ecological Congress (Seventh International Scientific Conference). Scientific supervisor of the Congress was Andrey Vasilyev, the scientific head of the Samara Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Science,the Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Industrial Ecology of Samara State Technical University, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor.

 Sponsors of the Congress made presentations and showed not only a high level of their scientific and technical developments, but also in general have convinced members of Congress that the leading industrial enterprises remember about the environment despite the tough conditions of modern economy of capitalism.

  The opening of the conference was attended by managers of large industrial enterprises and the rectors of the leading universities of Samara and Samara Region.
    Official website of the Congress ELPIT - 2015 - www.elpit-congress.ru
Fifth International Environmental Congress (Seventh International Scientific-Technical Conference)
16-20 September 2015 / 16-20 september 2015
The crazy idea, which is actively pushed by the United States, England, Switzerland and others, is this reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) to zero – the pursuit of zero. Those countries that exceed the quota of emissions should pay the money. United States, Britain and other similar countries of the "developed West" actually want to justify the tax on the country - the producers of goods (China, etc.) and as a consequence, to charge taxes from energy exporting countries: Russia, the Middle East, etc. Is this a new form of colonialism?

  It is alleged that the evil greedy Russians and the stupid Chinese object to introduction of that progressive tax for the entire civilization.

  We are not against the world and civilization, but we would like to hear and see the scientific basis of the effects of greenhouse gases and their first - leading role in the warming of the planet.

  For all such environmental conferences, congresses nowadays they carry a report on the dangers of "greenhouse gases" and their impact on climate change. In Samara such a report was also submitted.

  The report was presented by the University named after Nayanova of Samara city. The speaker was Ph.D., Associate Professor, Vice-Rector of Samara State Regional University named after Nayanova Mr. Sergey Simak.

  The report provides an overview of scientific papers on the study core layers of sediments and glaciers. Investigations were carried out not by specialists of university Nayanova, but by professionals from different countries. As a result of the studies charts have been drawn that show the amount of carbon and nitrogen in the atmosphere for thousands of years. The charts clearly show that it is a natural cyclical process.

  The report argues that we are now at the top of the natural laws of the peak maximum amount of carbon in the Earth's atmosphere. The speaker says that the peak has allegedly continued its growth instead of reducing it.

To the report comments were received from the expert institution CNEAT  (WWW.CNEAT.RU) Samara from Mr. Kolmykov A.N. He made comments to the rapporteur that there is no graph of solar activity over the past 100 years, so the judgment of the primary influence of carbon (CO2) emissions in global warming is not justified.

  The next report, which was submitted was on the breakthrough in microbiology. President of the group of companies "Inntel" of Corporation "Russian Intelligence" (http://xn----itbakdalgarrxoaff.xn--p1ai) Andrey Merzlyakov told about a real breakthrough in microbiology. He said that created were complex microbiological bacteria which, when applied to the soil, can accelerate its regeneration. The processes to restore the soil, which in normal circumstances are hundreds and thousands of years, with the introduction of the soil selected microorganisms take just a few years. Earlier, similar problems were solved mainly by planting trees. Nobody cancels planting, but this is the next stage of activities on land reclamation.

  There are various options for utilization and processing of poultry and pig farms’ waste etc.

  A very good report was presented by the professor, dean, head of the department of industrial biotechnology of Kazan National Research Technical University, Faculty of Food Technology Mr. Alexander Sirotkin. Alexander engaged in research in the field of recycling of sewage of megacities and his research is certainly promising. It is advisable to settle with him the projects of newly built sewage treatment plants and reconstruction of existing projects.

  All reports were interesting, but it should be noted the main conference report made by Gennady Rosenberg, director of the Institute of Ecology of Volga Basin of Russian Academy of Sciences, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor, honored Scientist of Russia. He told to all the assembled about the vector of development. This is "the concept of sustainable development." The UN General Assembly holds a conference at the highest level. United Nations Conferences on Sustainable Development were held earlier in Brazil. The historic United Nations Conference on Environment and Development was held in 1992 (Rio de Janeiro): "... The world assesses the achievements and challenges on the road to a sustainable global society ...".

  The next report, which was directly related to the theme of sustainable development, was the report of the expert institution CNEAT st.Samara, about threats to sustainable development, which are created by the international criminal group, constantly arranging revolutions, wars, terrorist attacks, should be immediately removed. For this purpose, it suggested to very carefully examine the accident at Chernobyl, which is a terrorist attack. In the course of the investigation and compensation of damages the whole criminal group will be destroyed.

  Report by the Institution of CNEAT Samara, Mr. A.Kolmykov  (forensic engineering, construction, economic and forensic expertise). Briefly: "... The Chernobyl accident is a terrorist attack. The damage should be calculated and recovered. The gang must be destroyed! Forward!"
 ELPIT-2015. International Congress. Ecology. Russia. Samara. Report: Chernobyl accident is a terrorist attack.
Speech in English https://yadi.sk/i/2Grhj3wRjEZ5u
Publication of the report in English http://www.cneat.ru/ch-en.pdf
Publication of the report in Russian and English http://www.cneat.ru/ch.zip
Page on the network: http://www.cneat.ru/chernobyl.html
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